1971: The Diminishing Bearded Tit

This was a dreary morning early in January, with overcast skies & the air much colder than I had expected, but I could not, through circumstances, choose when I would do my bird watching. Continue reading “1971: The Diminishing Bearded Tit”


December’s Herts Nature Watch

Easterly winds are important at this time of year, particularly if you are a thrush in Scandinavia just waiting for a good tailwind to push you westward over the North Sea to Britain. Continue reading “December’s Herts Nature Watch”

1971 Notes: The Night Heron


“Any News?” is a question that often passes between members of the County Trust, & on that dull December morning, brought an immediate response: Had I seen the night heron!  The bird had been watched in the local reserve during the past but was now thought to have gone. Continue reading “1971 Notes: The Night Heron”

December: Badgers & Delayed Implantation

What does ‘delayed implantation’ mean?  Both sows with cubs and those having their first oestrus will be able to mate and keep fertilized eggs, or blastocysts, unattached in the uterus in a state of suspended development. Continue reading “December: Badgers & Delayed Implantation”

Badgers and the Countryfile Controversy

On the latest episode at time of writing, BBC Countryfile has now examined the bTB cull figures for whether there has been a drop in the disease in cattle in the areas where this has taken place. Continue reading “Badgers and the Countryfile Controversy”

October’s Herts Nature Watch

Experiencing the countryside and seeing what it has to offer for our well-being is a cool thing to do. Continue reading “October’s Herts Nature Watch”

Countryfile comes to Tewin Orchard

The orchard received yet more special visitors last week, when BBC Countryfile came to film the badgers for the Countryfile Autumn Special. Continue reading “Countryfile comes to Tewin Orchard”